.From Northamptonshire, south Lincolnshire, Rutland & north Cambridge.

The known surnames of persons in this group to 5th cousin level are; Smith, Sapcote, Palmer, Swift, Woodward & Scotney.

There are a number of links to Philip Smith, #209 & Ann Todd, #208 of Market Deeping, from their youngest son Stephen who emigrated to Manitoba, Canada around 1905; including Sarah Allan, #8261 and Kelsey Kolench, #2694. There are other matches that point to this branch of the family in Canada from the cluster analysis but are not resolved so far and this cluster also includes Palmer lines below.

Another link to the Smiths is via Martha Smith, #210, my grandmother's sister. The tree linked to this result is only 4/5 cousin level but is from Ronald Philip Gillett, #1572, at 4th cousin level.

Another strong link is via my grandmother's brother Philip Cornelius Smith, #214 down to Ann Florence Smith, #4831, now Yates. It was through a DNA test on her granddaughter, Gemma L Clapham, nee Jarman, #9080.

Also at the 4th cousin level is a link to Charlotte Cave, a descendant of Elizabeth Smith, #706, daugher of Joseph Smith & Elizabeth Palmer.  Charlotte is descended from William Patchett #4641 & Martha Palmer, #4649.

The Palmers are found in several DNA links still under investigation. They show links to Philip Palmer, #777 and Mary Woodward, #1392. These include Rachel Tinworth, Terry Ward and Judy Candy.

Another Palmer/Woodward link is to Sophia Palmer, #1404, daughter of above via her daughter Mary Ann Pratt, #8954 to Frank Atkin, #9212. Sophia's sister Harriet is my 2nd g-grandmother and so matches my children & niece.

A match to the Ward family from Ohio has been confirmed on both Ancestry and MyHeritage to Terry Richard Ward, # 10064, 1936-2016. Cluster analysis on MyHeritage also suggests other surnames in this group include Ward, Tannock & White. In this case the matching DNA is known to be on chromosome 2.

A strong Palmer link to another family from Market Deeping and villages to the north has found NO persons in common so far and Richard Derek Ware, the person tested suggests there may be illegitimate or extra-marital reasons! However a tree generated after a cluster analysis suggests this person may be a descendant of Ann Merrill, b. Palmer along with another match labelled jeje66.  So more investigation is needed. 

Updated on 29/12/2019.