The families from Edlesborough, Totterhoe, Eaton Bray & Billington and later to Dunstable & Luton with migration to Utah, USA.

The names of this branch are paternal ancestors of Charlie Mead. His grandparent surnames are Mead & Peppiatt. The trees currently available are Mead, & Peppiatt.

The families come from the low agricultural lands to the north-west of the Chiltern Hills and were mainly farm labourers, straw dealers & plaiters.  The influence of the Non-Conformist Churches were strong and some emigrated to Utah after missionaries from of the Church of Latter-Day Saints from the USA visited in the 1850's.  Others moved into the towns of Dunstable and Luton for manufacturing work.

A number of DNA matches are known among the descendants of Thomas Mead and his wife Ann Peppiatt even though not all hs descendants have been sorted out.  These include Mary A Osborn, Jessica Wooding, Jacqueline Parrott, and a daughter and granddaughter of Eileen Jane Johnson.

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Revised May 2021.