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The companion site to this one, but just for the Streatfields, is at  This covers all the descendants of Robert Streatfeild, born in Chiddingstone, Kent in 1514, known to me through the sources listed for each individual, and contains all those recorded as descendants also listed by the sites below.  This site will come off line in late February 2020 and some of the data will be incorporated on this site at a later date. If you are a Streafield researcher you can ask for a gedcom of the database from which the site was built from me.

These additional Streatfield sites are at:-

The Streatfield family, (This one is now rather dated, 2005, the persons are on the Streatfield site above) My browser warns of malware on this site. I understand it is to be resurrected.
Streatfields in the Gorham Genealogy.  (Some Australian descendants, also on the above, last updated 2012) and Streatfield Family  (This one covers a family not known to be linked to Streatfields from Chiddingstone and are not, currently, on the one above, last updated 2011)

For more information on the families of the Weald then use The Weald site at  This has information on other Streatfeild families in the area and a wealth of other data including transcriptions by Lionel Cole of records from Chiddingstone, Hever and Penshurst.

The Charsleys have a large 'One Name" site Charsley Family Genealogy which needs a login account. Updated regularly.

The Blundells have a large site at Tony & Rebecca Teague's Web Page, this has not been modified since 2005.

There is a private site for the Vallins family; to access the records you have to apply for a password. It is regularly updated.

Apart from my Uncle Hattie Galton who emigrated to Canada in the 1920's his uncle Stephen Smith moved there in the early 1900's.  The web site that did have details of some Canadian Smiths seems to have been deleted. (Jan 2012).

There is now a group of people promoting the heritage of the Deepings on the southern border of Lincolnshire and where my mother's mother's family comes from.  They now have a blog HERE.  This also includes the list of people from the district that took part in World War 1.

More sites will be added as they come to light; please let me know if there are additions.

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