Josephine A Chesser1

#169, (17 April 1910-3 January 2006)
ChartsThe Jefferies of Sible Hedingham, Essex
The Brettons of Sible Hedingham
The Buttons of Suffolk
Birth*17 APR 1910 Josephine A Chesser was born on 17 APR 1910 at Florida, USAG.2 
Marriage*1932 She married George Sturges Crotty Jn, son of George Sturgis Crotty and Hannah Elizabeth Jefferies, in 1932 at Duval, Florida, USAG.3 
Residence*22 MAY 1940 Josephine A Chesser and George Sturges Crotty Jn lived at 4252 Marquette Avenue, Crescent City, Duval, Florida, USAG, together with Jo Frances Crotty.4 
Divorce*NOV 1962 Josephine A Chesser and George Sturges Crotty Jn were divorced in NOV 1962 at Baker, Okaloosa, Florida, USAG.5 
Death*3 JAN 2006 Josephine A Chesser died on 3 JAN 2006 at Palatka, Putnam, Florida, USAG, aged 95.2 


George Sturges Crotty Jn b. 26 Nov 1910, d. 15 Dec 1994
Last Edited28 May 2017


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