The families from Wrexham that moved away mainly into Lancashire, Yorkshire and then America, mainly coal mining or silk weaving.

The paternal great-grandparents of Florence Mary Gough, families from Wrexham with the names of Gough, Jackson & Davies. The associated tree is Gough.

The first Gough in the family so far is Robert, 1778-1841, from Brymbo on the outskirts of Wrexham. His son, also Robert, 1821-1893, was his 5th child and the known ancestor of 6 known DNA matches to LS & NGJ.  Robert the younger married Jane Davies, 1817-1882, in Wrexham  but they moved to Hanley, Staffordshre before 1846 and stayed until moving back to Wrexham before 1881.  All but one of the children were born in the Potteries. However these children moved out of the Potteries, many then moving to Yorkshre, particularly around Castleford and other coal mining towns in this coalfield.  The families continued to move around, even back to Wrexham and so they often married persons from places the family had been previously too.

The closest match is to Carolyn Akers who is descended from Reese Gough & Clara Williams. 


Updated November 2021.