DNA analyses have been done on five family members, for myself with AncestryDNA and MyHeritage, and for daughter Louise Simon, son Nicholas Jefferies and nieces Melissa Clark & Elinor Nash, with AncestryDNA.

The other close family test I know of is on my 1st cousin Elaine Mathieson, nee Galton, on Ancestry.  While her tree is private her matches are useful in confirming matches are from my mother's family.

In addition I have done a Y-DNA test with Family Tree DNA.  It identifies me in the R-M269 Haplogroup. No matches to persons with Jefferies surnames have been found so far.  Discussions with other known Jefferies males descended from Jonathon Jefferies 1782-1858 are in hand with the objective of having more Y-DNA tests done.

The other tools that are useful, (when treated with rigorous analysis), are 'ThruLines' on Ancestry and 'Theory of Family Relativity' on MyHeritage.  Both suggest descendancy lines from the person tested and a match with the same ancestor.  These are based on matching information on family trees attached by the test manager.  I have found them useful at times by suggesting links that can then be checked by documentary research and these have been rewarding.  However they can also be misleading or plain wrong; examples are discussed on the family group pages of DNA results.

Anyone with queries about possible DNA matches to me or to the other members of the family are welcome.

March 2021.

  • DNA Test details A more detailed description of the tests done and tools used in result analyses.

The Jefferies families

The families that are in the ancestry of Frank William Jefferies.

The Galton families

The families that are in the ancestry of Edith Elsie Galton.

The Mead families

The families from Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire that are in the ancestry of Charlie Mead.
  • Mead/Bird The families from Edlesborough, Totterhoe, Eaton Bray & Billington and later to Dunstable & Luton with migration to Utah, USA.

The Gough families

The ancestors of Florence Mary Gough of Wrexham & Dunstable.
  • Gough/Jones The families from Wrexham and the Potteries that moved away mainly into Yorkshire and then American coal mining or silk weaving.