DNA analyses have been done on four family members, for myself with AncestryDNA and MyHeritage, and for daughter Louise, son Nicholas and niece Melissa Clark, with AncestryDNA. In addition I have done a Y-DNA test with Family Tree DNA, the results at mid February 2020 are only just at hand.  It identifies me in the R-M269 Haplogroup. No matches to persons with Jefferies surnames have been found so far.

Known matches to persons on this site are now on the DNA linked persons index.

My Ancestry DNA analysis was done in April 2018 and is linked to a tree on Ancestry.com called the Wansbury Family Tree. The results are also on GEDmatch Genesis and my resource is A388365. GEDmatch is a way of matching DNA results with others on the site, this includes results not done through Ancestry and the basic results are free. The test on MyHeritage, done earlier, under my name is also on GEDmatch Genesis with the resource number of XS1719736. I welcome the use of these resources to allow others to explore and explore our shared ancestry.

With GEDmatch I am gradually analysing the matches on an individual chromosome basis as this shows where one might find persons who have taken test with unknown connections to the lineages.  This is helped by the use of the visualisation program called DNAPainter which allows the mapping of chromosome segments onto the 23 pairs of chromosomes to reveal areas which coincide or overlap to one's own chromosomes thus also revealing, or refuting, family connections.

Cluster analysis groups persons with significant shared segments of DNA so that it is easier to explore their shared family history.  This can be done on MyHeritage matches and, by using the tools on Genetic Affairs, for Ancestry tests.  The analyses have shown some groups with, currently, no documented links to ourselves as well as confirming known family groups with common ancestors.

The family results are discussed in the pages attached.  The revision date for each of the family groups is at the bottom.

Louise's and Nicholas' results are linked to a tree on Ancestry called Mead/Gough family tree for the purpose of establishing their mother, Marilyn Mead's family relationships. These tests have picked up a large number of relatives back to the mid 1700's.  The tests show that the fact that they have inherited different strands of DNA from their mother (as expected, since the inheritance process is random) is going to provide a broader view of their ancestry from their mothers family.  Their Mead/Gough family groups will be added in a future update after more research. 

So far the matching analysis done against other DNA tests on Ancestry and My Heritage has revealed links not previously known to me and confirmed several very well supported links. It has also thrown up trees for persons one would expect a match to that are not supported by the DNA matching and these may end up of being even more important to sort out relationships on this web site. 

I am reaching out to persons who are identified by these processes and welcome any such requests.  I have some very helpful replies in some cases and none, so far, in others.

The Jefferies families

The families that are in the ancestry of Frank William Jefferies.

The Galton families

The families that are in the ancestry of Edith Elsie Galton.