Eliza Ann Frey Galton1

#653, (October 1848-June 1937)
Father*James Galton2 b. 1813, d. Jul 1849
Mother*Elizabeth Reimers2 b. Mar 1817
ChartsThe Galtons of Poole.
Birth*OCT 1848 Eliza Ann Frey Galton was born in OCT 1848 at Poole, Dorset, EnglandG.3 
Baptism25 OCT 1848 She was baptized on 25 OCT 1848 at St James' Church, Poole, Dorset, EnglandG.4 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1851 She lived with Elizabeth Reimers at Stainsmore's Refuge, Poole, Dorset, EnglandG, together with Eleanor Jane Galton, William Henry Galton, Elizabeth Catherine Nancy Galton, Louisa Mary Galton, Edward Samuel Patrick Galton and James Thomas Wills Galton.5 
(Witness) Marriage28 MAR 1864 Eliza Ann Frey Galton witnessed the marriage of William Henry Galton and Mary Kezia Courteney Stokes on 28 MAR 1864 at Poole, DorsetG.6,7 
Marriage*26 OCT 1873 Eliza Ann Frey Galton married William Aldridge Sansom on 26 OCT 1873 at St Paul's Church, Poole, Dorset, EnglandG.8,9 
Residence30 MAR 1881 Eliza Ann Frey Galton and William Aldridge Sansom lived at Widdolph's Buildings, Goole, Yorkshire, EnglandG.10 
Residence30 MAR 1901 Eliza Ann Frey Galton and William Aldridge Sansom lived at 18 West Street, Goole, Yorkshire, EnglandG.11 
Residence*2 APR 1911 Eliza Ann Frey Galton and William Aldridge Sansom lived at Goole, YorkshireG.12 
Death*JUN 1937 Eliza Ann Frey Galton died in JUN 1937 at Goole, Yorkshire, EnglandG, aged 88.13 
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