DNA analysis for M.G.Jefferies, #70.

My Ancestry DNA analysis was done in April 2018 and is linked to a tree on Ancestry.com called the Wansbury Family Tree.  This is only visible to Ancestry members.

So far the matching analysis done against other DNA tests on Ancestry has revealed a couple of links not known to me and confirmed several very well supported links. These are grouped in families.

Jefferies/Harrington of Essex/Suffolk

The link between the English and American descendants of the Jefferies is very well supported by several American tests at 4th cousin level. 

There is also a 3rd cousin, descendant of Peter Button Jefferies, Heather S Jefferies, #3859 on the English side.

At the 5th+ cousin level there are links to the family names of Button and Jefferies from Essex/Suffolk to a tree put up by Mark Gibson for C.W, daughter of Arthur George Abbs & Iris L Hargrave. This needs further work.

Wansbury/Lane/Streatfield/Stacey of NW Kent & SE Surrey

There is a strong link to a descendant of William Wansbury & Emma Dinah Lane from Shoreham, Kent, Emma Kate Stevenson #8266, (3rd cousin).

A link to John Streatfield & Mary Gates of Sevenoaks, is from a line to Frederick John Thorogood, #8334 (5th cousin, once removed), a line I had not explored before.

Also descended from this couple through their daughter Dinah, #244 and the Lanes to Minnie Lane, #5001 is Colin Jeffrey L Ottewell, # 5180, a 5th-8th cousin.

The Stacey links older than William Stacey, # 233 who married Eleanor Streafield have been problematic but a match at the 5th+ cousin level with a tree for the Parrett family from Surrey suggests there may be a link to the Staceys of Godstone of which there are many.

Smith/Todd of S Lincolnshire

There is a strong link to a descendant of Philip Smith & Ann Todd of Market Deeping, she is descended from Philip's youngest son Stephen who emigrated to Manitoba, Canada around 1905; Sarah Allen, #8261 (3rd cousin).

A more distant link is to the Bettles, John Read Bettles, # 788 is the common ancestor of my mother and Edith Bettles, #3535, who went to the USA with Charles Worthington and link to Walter Emerson Benson, #6067.

Davis/Galton of SE Dorset and SW Hampshire

The only one so far from my mother's side of the family is to Lesley Davis, # 8302, decended from our shared ancestors John Davis and Sally Barnes of Christchurch, Hampshire, another line I had not worked on.

There are some 140 more trees showing relationships to 5th cousin or so but I have not thoroughly explored these yet and no-one has contacted me at this stage.

The 'Lost Cousins' website has a very good explanation of the use and misuse of the results of DNA matches and should be studied closely.  See Masterclass here.