DNA analysis for M.G.Jefferies, #70.

My Ancestry DNA analysis was done in April 2018 and is linked to a tree on Ancestry.com called the Wansbury Family Tree.  This is only visible to Ancestry members.

So far the matching analysis done against other DNA tests on Ancestry has revealed a couple of links not known to me and confirmed several very well supported links.

For example the link between the English and American descendants of the Jefferies is very well supported by several American tests at 4th cousin level.  There is also a 3rd cousin, descendant of Peter Button Jefferies, Heather S Jefferies, #3859 on the English side.

There is a strong link to a descendant of William Wansbury & Emma Dinah Lane from Shoreham, Kent, Emma Kate Stevenson #8266, (3rd cousin).

There is a strong link to a descendant of Philip Smith & Ann Todd of Market Deeping, she is descended from Philip's youngest son Stephen who emigrated to Manitoba, Canada around 1905; Sarah Allen, #8261 (3rd cousin).

A link to John Streatfield & Mary Gates of Sevenoaks, is from a line to Frederick John Thorogood, #8334 (5th cousin, once removed), a line I had not explored before.

The only one so far from my mother's side of the family is to Lesley Davis, # 8302, decended from our shared ancestors John Davis and Sally Barnes of Christchurch, Hampshire, another line I had not worked on.

There are some 140 more trees showing relationships to 5th cousin or so but I have not thoroughly explored these yet and no-one has contacted me at this stage.