Hattie Galton1

#187, (21 December 1905-26 January 1974)
Father*Tom Galton b. 12 Jun 1875, d. 4 Feb 1948
Mother*Elizabeth Ann Smith b. 2 Feb 1875, d. 8 Aug 1936
ChartsThe Galtons of Poole.
The Gradys of Dorset.
The Davis' of Christchurch, Hampshire.
The Smiths of the Deepings, Lincolnshire.
The Todds of Rutland & the Deepings.
The Palmers from Lincolnshire.
The Bettles of the Deepings, Lincolnshire.
The Woodwards of Lincolnshire
Birth*21 DEC 1905 Hattie Galton was born on 21 DEC 1905 at 2 Trafalgar Row, Poole, Dorset, EnglandG.2,3,4 
Baptism4 FEB 1906 He was baptized on 4 FEB 1906 at St Paul's Church, Poole, Dorset, EnglandG.5 
Note*4 FEB 1906 Called 'Hattie' after a friend of his father's known as Hattie Bugde (Hatton Budge.)6 
(Witness) Residence2 APR 1911 He lived with Tom Galton and Elizabeth Ann Smith at 9 Chapel Lane, Poole, Dorset, EnglandG, together with Edith Elsie Galton.7 
(Witness) Residence10 JUN 1918 Hattie Galton lived with Elizabeth Ann Smith and Tom Galton at 142 High Street, Poole, Dorset, EnglandG, together with Emma Smith, Edith Elsie Galton and Philip Edward Tom Galton.8 
Note1924 Hattie Galton worked in a Solicitors office but found it deadly dull so he took up an invitation to work for his maternal uncle, Stephen Smith #216. q.v. in 1924.6 
(Witness) Residence1925 He lived with Tom Galton and Elizabeth Ann Smith at EDHAPHIL, 32 Serpentine Road, Poole, Dorset, EnglandG, together with Philip Edward Tom Galton and Edith Elsie Galton.6 
Name Variation Hattie Galton was also known as Harry.6 
Residence*20 APR 1925 He lived at Poole, DorsetG.9 
Emigration*24 APR 1925 He emigrated on 24 APR 1925 from Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandG.10 
Residence3 MAY 1925 He lived at Transcoma, Manitoba, CanadaG.11 
Occupation3 MAY 1925 The occupation of Hattie Galton was 'given as Clerk; to do Farm Work.12
Employment*MAY 1933 He was employed as Railroad Carpenter for the CPR.13 
Note6 MAY 1933 He arrived from Quebec on 6 MAY 1933 at Southampton, HampshireG.14 
(Witness) Residence6 MAY 1933 He lived with James Henry Dibben and Nellie Galton at The Wellington Hotel, Aldershot, Hampshire, EnglandG, together with Irene Alice Dibben.14 
Note20 JAN 1934 On return to Canada gives destination address as to Mrs Harry Galton (Euphamia Green - m.31 Mar 1928), 1560 Alexander Avenue, Winnipeg. on 20 JAN 1934 at Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaG.15 
Notefr 1940 - 1945 Hattie Galton joined the Merchant Navy & worked in the dockyards as a carpenter fr 1940 - 1945 at St John's, Newfoundland, CanadaG.6 
Marriage*14 JUN 1941 He married Ann Ziprick, daughter of Mastire N E Ziprick and Wilhelmine Klimach, on 14 JUN 1941 at Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaG.16 
Residence*1965 Hattie Galton and Ann Ziprick lived at 877 Dominion Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaG.17 
(Witness) Marriage25 MAY 1968 Hattie Galton witnessed the marriage of John Howard Mathieson and Elaine Ann Galton on 25 MAY 1968 at Harstone Uniting Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaG.16 
Death*26 JAN 1974 Hattie Galton died on 26 JAN 1974 at Winnipeg, ManitobaG, aged 68. 
Burial* He was buried at Brookside Cemetery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaG.18 


Ann Ziprick b. 17 Nov 1914, d. 17 Feb 1981
Marriage*14 JUN 1941 He married Ann Ziprick, daughter of Mastire N E Ziprick and Wilhelmine Klimach, on 14 JUN 1941 at Winnipeg, ManitobaG.16 
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